Conservation authority warns about flooding

Shetland Conservation Area, Dawn-Euphemia



  • 20-25mm of rain
  • Risk of thunderstorms
  • Water levels will react more quickly with increased runoff
  • Saturated soils, ponding and flooding in floodplain areas

Environment Canada is tracking a severe thunderstorm capable of producing heavy rain this evening and into the early overnight hours. Forecasts predict rainfall amounts of 20 to 25 mm, with the potential for higher precipitation amounts in localized areas. Precipitation amounts across the watershed have been between 30 to 45 mm in the past 48 hours. Due to the potential intensity of the thunderstorms flash flooding and ponding may occur.

Water levels are anticipated to be elevated from the rainfall with the potential for minor flooding into natural floodplain areas, parks and fields; major flooding is not anticipated at this time.

Individuals are reminded to avoid watercourses and flooded areas due to dangerous conditions, slippery banks and cold, swift moving water. Children and pets should be kept away from the water.

The Conservation Authority continues to monitor watershed conditions and will issue advisories to municipalities and media should flood issues arise.

Municipal emergency response staff and road superintendents should monitor local conditions closely.

This message will remain in effect until Friday, May 31, 2024 at 12pm unless otherwise updated.