Bailey will run in next provincial election

Sarnia Lambton MPP Bob Bailey talking to supporters after his 2022 election victory

MPP still a parliamentary assistant, even though his ministry is no more

Blake Ellis/The Independent

With election rumours swirling and the Ontario Legislature on break until Oct. 21, Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey says he plans to run in the next election – whenever it is.

Premier Doug Ford ended the spring legislative sitting June 6 amid rumours he’s considering an early election. MPP’s like Bailey, won’t have to return to the legislature until Oct. 21.

This week, Bailey spent some of his free time hosting his annual barbecue in Petrolia. And he took some time to reflect his government’s wins this year.

Bailey said one of the pieces of legislation, signed into law before the legislature broke for the summer was Bill 200, The Homeowners’ Protection Act.

“This is one of the most important bill to protect the little guy,” said Bailey.

Previously, if a homeowner enters into a contract with a business to rent, finance or lease such things as a water heater, HVAC unit or furnace that are installed as a fixture in your home, the installer may put a notice of security interest on the title of the property without the owner knowing. That can lead to problems securing future loans.

Bill 200 bans the practice and makes notices of security interest that are currently registered now expired. Bailey knows of an individual who had a notice of security interest worth $80,000 registered on his home.

Just because the legislature will not be sitting doesn’t mean Bailey won’t be busy during the summer. Bailey points to the number of committee meetings, which will still be held during the summer.

Bailey says he will need to go back and forth between his riding and Queen’s Park frequently to attend these meetings.

One of the committees Bailey is currently serving on is overseeing the renovations taking place at Queen’s Park.

Bailey, a three-term MPP, was named the parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Legislative Affairs in April. The ministry was the lead in the restoration of Ontario’s Legislative Building. It first opened its doors on April 4, 1893 and has not undergone a major renovation in over 100 years.

The makeover, estimated to cost at least $1 billion, will include interior deconstruction to preserve heritage elements while modernizing building systems to address safety and accessibility issues. The project will include securing and preparing a temporary place to conduct parliamentary business. It will take about eight years.

Minutes of the committee show since his appointment, Bailey has attended one public meeting which lasted six minutes.

Just two months later, on June 6 as the legislature was closing up shop for the summer, Premier Ford again shook up his cabinet. The size of cabinet increased from 30 to 36. Bailey retained the title of parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Legislative Affairs, according to the Legislature’s website, however the official list of ministers on the Ontario Legislature website doesn’t show a Minister of Legislative Affairs after the cabinet shuffle.

The Toronto Star reported June 10 Infrastructure Minister Kinga Surma takes over the construction project, along with her other duties.
It’s not clear if Bailey’s assignment as parliamentary assistant was simply misnamed or if he still holds the position.

“Until we hear otherwise, MPP Bailey still has the same role as Parliamentary Assistant.  He is also still a member on the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs, which is the committee working on legislative precinct project,” said Bailey’s assistant, Anthony Rizzetto.

Despite his committee work, Bailey says he will have more time to attend community events during the summer. Bailey was excited to attend the graduation ceremony for his nephew’s class at the Ontario Police College in Aylmer, omething which Bailey would not have time to do if the legislature was sitting.

Just over two years in to his most recent term, The Independent asked if he plans to run again in the next provincial election. Bailey said he most definitely would.
Bailey has served as Sarnia-Lambton MPP for the past 17 years, first elected in 2007.