Petrolia celebrates Canada Day

Heather Wright Photo It was hard to tell what was bigger, the fish or the smile of Wyatt Deelstra. The six-year-old from Petrolia reeled in a 27 inch Catfish during the Petrolia Kid’s Fishing Derby on Canada Day. Wyatt and his family went to the fishing derby in 2023 and didn’t catch anything, so, they spent the winter researching how to catch at Bridgeview Park. Aside from worms, they made their own bait of corn, bread crumbs and jello powder. And it paid off.

Music, fish, food and some good old fashioned fun was on tap Canada Day in Petrolia. Bridgeview and Greenwood Park were flooded with Red and White to mark the founding of the country.

The day started with a Kid’s Fishing Derby at Bridgeview Park. Alex Core, 5, walked along the shoreline at Bridgeview Park with her fish in the net.

Brayden Kitchen performed ‘surgery’ on a fish the Wright family caught. See the full results below.

Sierra Ayris, Ashley Anderson, Justin, Richards, Donny Campbell, Jason Anderson – aka The Heavy Weights – were the Bed Racing champs in the annual event.

The Action Figures were playing for the crowd.

Addison Hext was dancing along to the music at Greenwood Park.

Lyla Dunn was sitting with her family watching the BlackTop Baseball game in the afternoon.

Baseball ruled the diamonds Canada Day afternoon. The Wyoming Cattlebarrons took on the Petrolia Raiders, with a flag being held while the anthem was played.

And Emergency Responders and Petrolia’s Blacktop Baseball players from Lambton Development Services hit the diamond, too, with the Blacktop team winning the game.

Justin Bacchus who is in this month’s Sweet Soul Music at Victoria Playhouse Petrolia, sings just before the fireworks.

Four and under
1st place- Sadie Deelstra – 27.5” Carp
2nd place- Hallie Deelstra – 27” Carp
3rd place – Brooks White – 24” Carp
Five to Six year-olds
1st place- Wyatt Deelstra – 27” Catfish
2nd place- Alex Core – 18” Sucker
3rd place- Lucy Bright – 8” Catfish
Seven to nine year-olds
1st place- Jack Core – 24” Carp
2nd place- Lincoln Taylor – 16.5” Sucker
3rd place- Vivian Matlovitch – 14.5” Sucker
Ten to twelve year-olds
1st place- Tie Richards – 31” Carp
2nd place- Keaton Weed – 22.25” Catfish
3rd place- Archer Weed – 14.5” Carp
1st place- Cullen Pearson – 22” Catfish
2nd place- Porter Stec – 15” Catfish
3rd place- Ethan Butler- 9.75-inch Catfish
Some quick statistics:
• 45 fish caught and released
• 1 lily pad
• 1 snail
• 1 waterbug