Troy’s Run giving away helmets


Troy Adams wants to make sure no one rides a bike or a four-wheeler without a helmet.

Adams, who ran across Canada last year for his foundation – Troy’s Run, has been a strong advocate for wearing a helmet to prevent brain injuries since suffering brain injury in a car accident.

Adams has been speaking about brain injuries across Ontario and trying to convince parents to set a good example for their kids. “I tell them ‘Why do you expect these kids to wear a helmet if you don’t?’”

So Adams has come up with plan to provide helmets free of charge to people who ask. He’s working with manufacturers to come up with a helmet with Troy’s Run’s logo on the side.

“We’re giving the opportunity for everyone in Canada to have a helmet for cycling, hockey or quading,” says Adams, who also runs a fitness club in Wyoming. “Now there is no reason for people to go without a helmet.”

Adams says 130 kids were already fitted for their helmets which should arrive soon. And he says the foundation is ready to give away as many helmets as possible.

“If we set a limit, people would not necessarily take advantage of it, saying ‘they’re probably gone.’” And he hopes people don’t step away from the opportunity thinking it is only for low income earners.

“You are just a wise person taking advantage of an opportunity – go out and get it.”