Napper wants Green projects listed


Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper says Lambton County is doing its part to promote green energy.

He was the driving force behind Lambton County councilors motion to declare the county an unwilling host to wind turbines.

Municipalities across the province began passing motions against the industrial turbines after the Ontario energy minister said no community would be forced to have wind energy projects if they were “unwilling hosts.”

So Napper easily convinced council to pass the motion. And he wants to have proof the county isn’t shutting out all renewable energy sources.

“The minister has said just because you declare yourself an unwilling host, you have to prove you are providing green energy,” says Napper. “I think we’re doing our job here; we have solar, cogeneration and energy from waste – we need to do an inventory of what we are promoting through the Green Energy Act.

“I think it would really open up their eyes.”

And he points out, the province has said more energy is not needed right now after turning down a bid by Waste Management to build an energy from waste project at its Warwick landfill.




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