Napper wants MTO to look at 402 snow maintenance

Moments after the crash on the 402. The transport can be seen still jammed against the rescue truck.

Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper wants Transportation Minister Glen Murray to look at winter maintenance on the 402.

Five firefighters were injured Tuesday on the way to an accident on the Westbound 402 between Oil Heritage Road and the MTO’s weigh station. One needed surgery on his hand.

It’s not the first accident there this winter. Two people died in a 37-vehicle crash in late February and volunteer firefighters from Plympton-Wyoming have been called to accidents 35 times this winter alone.

Napper, in a letter Murray, says the most recent accident may have been to poor winter road maintenance. Fire Chief Mike Vasey has said there was no salt or sand on the road, which had turned into a sheet of ice.

“The stretch of Highway 402 between markers 15 to 40 needs to be maintained in a proper and timely manner,”  writes Napper.  “Why are crews not being deployed to this section of the 402 in a timely manner? This is particularly puzzling given that a MTO Depot is located right in Reeces Comers and there is adequate warning through weather networks and in the media.”

The OPP continues its investigation into Tuesday’s crash. Two of Plympton-Wyoming’s fire vehicles were damaged beyond repair. A police cruiser was also severely damaged while it tried to stop traffic heading into the accident scene.