PHOTOS: Five firefighters injured, one needs surgery from 402 crash

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Moments after the crash on the 402. The transport can be seen still jammed against the rescue truck.

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They were on the way to help strangers, but they ended up helping their brothers.

Five Plympton-Wyoming firefighters were helped by their colleagues after ending up in the middle of a multi-vehicle pile up on Highway 402 near Camlachie Road which included eight transports, a dozen cars and trucks and two fire trucks.

The department was called out to an accident near the weigh stations on the 402 around 7:30 pm; they were travelling slowly with one truck on in the passing lane and the two others on the left to slow traffic when they hit a white out, according to Fire Chief ┬áMike Vasey. “We had our lights and sirens on.”

But Vasey says it appears the road had not been salted or sanded and the snow had turned into a sheet of ice so when the drivers tried to stop in the whiteout, they could not. That’s when the pile up started. “The firefighters in one truck jumped out and headed to the median and waited for a stop to all the banging and clanging.”

When the crunching stopped, the 19 firefighters on the highway realized five of their own were hurt – Vasey says the found their tools spread out over the highway to pull one firefighter out of the rescue truck.

Five went to hospital; four were treated for injuries like bruising and cuts. One firefighter needed surgery to fix his broken wrist.

Two of Plympton-Wyoming’s trucks were heavily damage. Vasey says they’re a write off. For now, Plympton-Wyoming is borrowing equipment from other departments while they try to find trucks to rent and eventually buy.

The OPP also sustained damage to a vehicle because of the accident. A cruiser which was blocking the highway was heavily damaged when a truck ran into it. The officer wasn’t in the vehicle at the time.

Police continue the investigation of the accident.


3 Responses to “PHOTOS: Five firefighters injured, one needs surgery from 402 crash”

  1. Maggie Peters

    I sent a writeup to a newspaper concerning the fact that when salt was put on top of snow, the snow would melt and the water would freeze and cause accidents. I also stated that all weather tires become so rigid (like the tire is frozen) in cold temperatures and is of absolutely no value in trying to stop.
    I also stated where I got the information from-Would this have saved accidents if it were printed??? I sent it to 1 paper at a time until they would print it and I finally got one to print it about 300 miles from Sarnia.

  2. Lynn Mathieson

    I was driving home from London to Sarnia in this snow storm and the conditions of the roads were terrible. The only reason for this accident to have happened was the speed of the traffic. The roads were a sheet of ice and people had no business driving a fast as they were.

  3. D.A.

    That is common knowledge, printing it would do no good. The issue is that stretch of the hiway, peoples inability to drive in these conditions and their lack of care for others safety.