Plympton-Wyoming’s wind bylaws struck down

¬†Plympton-Wyoming’s bylaws keeping industrial wind turbines two-kilometers from homes and imposing $200,000 deposits on turbines have been struck down by an Ontario Superior Court Judge.
Suncor Energy has a contract with the province for a 100 megawatt, 46-turbine project in Plympton-Wyoming. The municipal council has taken a strong stand against them, including passing the two-kilometer setbacks and the deposit fees. But Suncor objected taking the municipality to court.
Late last week, the Judge released his ruling, saying the two-kilometer setback and the deposit were out of the municipality’s control. But the judge says municipality can act to protect its residents health.
Mayor Lonny Napper, in a news release, says council has acted promptly in response to the court ruling, and has given first reading to new by-laws related to noise, fees, insurance protection and removal costs.
Napper has said in the past the municipality will council will enforce provincial noise levels. “Based on the information we have, we don’t think any wind company will be able to consistently comply,” says Napper. “Given that we intend to enforce our bylaws, wind companies should probably look to build somewhere else.”



  1. 1. Anyone who has worked at one of the sites or lived near one where these wind turbines have been put up and had migraine headaches and had to quit-contact Mayor Lonny N. with a written letter.
    2. Areas where wind turbines are in place and have had a higher level of blowing snow in the area should contact Mayor Lonny N. by a written letter
    3. Anyone who has noted a higher level of snow build up where these turbines are located should contact Mayor Lonny N-either on roads or around farm buildings by letter.
    4. A health study should be done considering the possibility of damge to the nervous system in people of all ages but especially in young people. The constant noise of these turbines will in many cases effect the nerve system.
    People step up to the plate and give Mayor Lonny N the letters he needs to stop these turbines being put close to farm buildings or roadways.

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