Napper wants to meet with other mayors to share services


The Mayor of Plympton-Wyoming says the next four years will be tough.

But if the council’s inaugural meeting is any indication, councilors are likely to meet the challenges with good humour.

Lonny Napper and his council were sworn in Monday. Napper, in his remarks to council, says the next term of council “is going to be difficult.”

Napper says the provincial and federal government are not giving out a lot of cash to municipalities and the province is chopping funding at an alarming rate. This year alone Plympton-Wyoming will have to find an extra $150,000 after the province cut funding by 20 per cent.”

“We’re going to have to get creative and find new ways to do things,” Napper told council. He plans to meet with neighbouring municipal leaders to see if there are more ways they can share services and save money.

“We need to be innovative and I’m sure we’re up to the task…If the provincial government wants to pass us by and all but give up hope fine – but this council has not given up yet.”

During the ceremony there was some levity. Napper asked for the councilors remarks and while the majority thanked the electorate and promised to work hard for the taxpayer, Councilors Ben Dekker and Ron Schenk were brief.

“Thanks,” said Dekker.

“Let’s get to down to work,” added Schenk.

“I wish they were that short at council,” joked Councilor Netty McEwen who had a few more things to say.

“I appreciate being top-vote getter,” she said with a smile “I want you guys to recognize that at council,” McEwen said to the amusement of the other councilors.