A Molar Mystery in Wyoming


n-teethPaul Wilpstra has something someone would give their eye teeth for – their eye teeth or at least their molars.

Wilpstra and his colleagues at Broadway Service in Wyoming have been trying to find the owner of a bottom set of dentures found about a month ago.

One morning a customer walked in and handed Corey Moesker the set of teeth saying they’d found them on the ground near some of the cars out front.

“We called the local dentist, but they weren’t aware of anyone who was missing their teeth,” says Wilpstra. “I called the OPP and said ‘I have the strangest thing you have ever heard.’” But so far no one has contacted the police about their missing teeth either.

“Customers come in now and it is natural for us to see if they are missing teeth,” jokes Wilpstra. “But it is hard to bring it up. You can’t really say ‘Open wide and say Ah!’”

He’s hoping someone will hear about the missing molars and call. “Come on in, we’ve got your teeth.”

It’s not unusual for mechanics to find strange things in people’s old cars says Mark Moesker. “I once found a handgun and I’ve found unmentionables,” he says with a grin. “But this is the first time we ever found teeth.”