Conservatives win in Sarnia-Lambton and Lambton-Kent-Middlesex in a Liberal majority


While Canada rode the wave of Liberal Red, the ridings of Sarnia-Lambton and Lambton-Kent-Middlesex stayed decidedly Conservative blue.

Petrolia resident Marilyn Gladu and Incumbent Bev Shipley won the two seats for the Conservatives while Justin Trudeau’s Liberals claimed enough seats, over 184 seats at the time of this post, to form a majority government.

Shipley says it is a “bittersweet” night for him watching his party go down to defeat as he won. And he says he is concerned about the Liberal’s plan to go into a deficit, but he says he will do his best to represent his consitutients.

And Gladu – who reclaimed the seat for the Conservatives after long-time MP Pat Davidson retired – says she will work hard for all her constituents knowing more than half in the riding voted for change choosing the Liberals and the NDP.

Gladu says she will work hard with the Liberal government to bring infrastructure funding to the region, particularly to build a heavy haul corridor to link Sarnia-Lambton businesses to Alberta’s oil patch.

Canadian Press is reporting the Conservative Party announced Stephen Harper asked the party to appoint an interim leader and hold a convention as soon as possible although he did not announce he was resigning in his speech to supporters.