Industrial development may see sharp fee increase in Plympton-Wyoming



Farmers with big plans for development could find themselves paying more.

Every five years, municipalities must review the fees which are meant to help pay for the public services that new development will use.

A consultant is recommending the municipality increase the development fee it charges farmers with large industrial operations, by almost 50 per cent. Right now, a large building is charged a fee of $7.03 per square foot. The consultant is recommending that fee be increased to $10.39 per square foot.

Chief Administrative Officer Carolyn Tripp says the municipality has made a concious decision to keep development fees low for smaller “mom and pop” farms, but will consider raising rates for “industrial” agriculture at a public meeting Aug. 29 to be held at town hall. “Without charging it (a development fee), you’re not having growth pay for itself.”

Tripp says the higher rates would also apply to commercial properties, although the suggestion is to exempt downtown Wyoming properties “to encourage growth.”

The consultant’s report also calls for Plympton-Wyoming’s development fees for homes to rise three percent in five years. Currently, fees for a single family home are $9,127 – among the highest in Lambton County.

Mayor Lonny Napper is interested to hear what residents think before council makes a decision.

It can accept the recommendation; decide to phase them in, or reject them.

Napper believes the increased fee for housing is not unreasonable “but I dont’ want to see it go up a heck of a lot more.”