Protestors hold vigil for pigs who died in barn fire near Wyoming


While people sifted through the charred remains of a massive hog operation near Wyoming Wednesday, animal activist stood at the side of Confederation Line to “represent the 4,000 pigs who died.”

About eight members of  Animal Liberation Alliance of London and London Pig Save stood at the side of the road with signs reading “Friends not Food” and “Go Vegan.”

Jason King, who grew up in the Petrolia area and now is a member of the Animal Liberation Alliance, says the group believes no animals should be produced for human consumption and they wanted to mark the deaths of the 4,000 pigs.

When asked if he thought it was appropriate to protest when a family had lost their business, King said “We are not here for human interest….we’re here for the pigs…We put human beings first…why can’t we put animals first…they lost their lives.

Abby McCuiag of London Pig Save added; “a lot of death happened here; if we can get people to look at that, that’s good.”

King says several farmers stopped and had “intellectual” conversations with them about the issue. They also had someone throw a package of hotdogs at them. The weiners were still at the protestors feet over the noon hour.

And there were other forms of protest against the animal rights group – a white pickup truck with the words “I love bacon” written in the dirt drove by slowly to get their attention.

The protestors did not talk to the Huyber family, which owns the farm. Security guards were in both driveways and police tape lined the property. From the road, a group of people could be seen looking through the ruins of the barn which housed the animals.

The Ontario Fire Marshal’s office is investigating the cause of the $3 million fire.