Students looking for clues after vandalism at Lambton Centennial



Tye Burr and his friends at Lambton Centennial School are trying to figure out who is behind the vandalism at their school.

The Grade 4 and 5 students were shocked and angry after finding deep tire marks through the school yard Feb. 23. A sign warning people to stay off the grass was also damaged by the vehicle.

Burr says they all like to play in the yard, but the deep ruts make it difficult now. And they’re worried about money that might have been spent on new playground equipment will  have to pay for the damage.

Two students, Hannah Stephenson and Taylor Daley, have launched their own investigation after the OPP said there was little evidence to go on.

They’ve even made clay moulds of the tire marks and interviewed neighbours.

Teacher Jenn Landon says the students hope to find the culprit and let them know how much the vandalism has affected them.

“People think they’re just kids, but they have an opinion; they have feelings,” she says.

“The school is not just a building. We’re the people behind the building.”

Jesse O’Hara agrees. “We are putting this out there so everyone knows what happened. If he reads the newspaper, he will know how hurt we are.”