Landowners plant signs of dissent over Lambton County plan



You might have noticed signs popping up around Lambton County calling on councillors to scrap the Draft Official County Plan.

A group headed by Elizabeth Davis Dagg, the Concerned Landowners’ Legal Defence, is working with lawyers to stop the draft which Davis Dagg believes will impact property owner rights.Davis Dagg has outlined 38 concerns including property owners should be notified when their land designation has changed, concern that much of the productive farm land has been designated as wetlands in the plan and that rural areas could be forced into having centralized water in the future.

Davis Dagg says a committee of council has worked at the plan and has addressed three of the group’s concerns, but she says it is not enough.

About 660 people and groups have endorsed her calls to scrap the plan by signing a legal letter.

Now the Concerned Landowners’ Legal Defence is launching a sign campaign.

Davis Dagg says it is an effort to “awaken landowners and Lambton County Council to the fact there are many issues that need to be addressed in the draft Official Plan before it is passed.”