Roadside garbage and recycling approved for all Dawn-Euphemia

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People in Dawn-Euphemia will soon be wheeling their garbage and recyclables to the end of the driveway.
Township council approved a plan to use ‘wheelie bins’ across both the former Dawn and Euphemia townships despite concerns from some residents about the change.
Dawn residents take their trash to the dump and recycling to a depot. The municipality’s waste provider – Bluewater Recycling Association – is phasing out the old style of garbage trucks and using a new automated system with large bins on wheels.
Residents will be able to get a small garbage bin for just over $100 and everyone gets a free recycling bin.
Homeowners can buy larger garbage bins if they wish.
The waste and recycling will be picked up every two weeks.
Some Dawn Township residents were opposed to the move so Monday night, councillors asked the head of BRA, Frank Veillieux, if some residents could opt out.
Veillieux says it is possible, but it would only make the system more expensive for everyone else, since he’d still face the same costs to provide the service. “You’ll be caught with a user fee or subsidizing with the taxes,” he says.
That angered a few residents at the meeting who wanted to continue to bring their waste to the Dawn Landfill until it is filled. A report to council showed that will be in the next five to 17 years depending on the amount of garbage diverted there.
“What are you going to do with your garbage in 17 years?” asked Councillor Jason Myers. “Bluewater is a good organization offering a service at a very reasonable rate.”
One person suggested council bring the issue to residents for a vote. Council dismissed that idea.
“I’m not going to spend thousands of dollars for a $2 week charge,” says Mayor Al Broad.
Council authorized township staff to work with Bluewater Recycling to get the program up and running.
Residents will likely begin using the roadside service this year.