Stocks very low at Petrolia food bank this summer

Sandra Hartman of the Petrolia Food Bank

Sandra Hartman has not  seen the stock at the Petrolia Food bank this low in a long time.
Every summer, as people go off on vacation, donations slow, but Hartman says this year is worse than normal.
“With summer, school is out and the awareness of the food bank goes down,” she says. Hartman says it is easy to forget about the food bank when you go off on vacation.
But she says during the summer the need is still great. Children are home from school or going to day camps and still need snacks. And the every day needs of a household don’t stop in the summer.
Hartman says at this point, anything you would buy to run your home is needed. The list of items to be restocked include kids snacks, rice side dishes and jam. A full list can be found on the Petrolia Food bank’s Facebook page.
Hartman says monetary donations would also be welcomed. “Sometimes money is better because I can just go and get exactly what we need.”
The food bank is open Mondays. Donations can be dropped of through the week at The Independent.