Funding flows to Enniskillen, Oil Springs


Kevin Marriott says the money came just in time.
The mayor of Enniskillen says after two years of going without any provincial or federal grants for capital projects, the municipality and the Village of Oil Springs have received $150,000 from the Canada Waste Water Fund.
The money will go toward the refurbishment of the 25 year-old water reservoir on Oil Heritage Road which the municipalities share.
Marriott says the municipalities will spend a total of $300,000 to replace the pumps at the reservoir and replace the aging electronics including a computer control system.
Marriott says the township has been hoping to complete the project for a number of years, but without federal funding, it was too expensive.
“We were hanging on by the skin of our teeth on this project for a while, waiting for grant money.”
Marriott says the township called for quotes for the project without knowing whether it would get funding. And Enniskillen watched as surrounding communities received funding for similar projects. The mayor anticipated the opportunity for getting a grant had passed when they received word the money was coming their way.
Marriott has not been able to get an answer as to why it took so long to get approval,  adding he’s glad work can now move ahead.
The township has already awarded the tender for the project.