Enbridge eases concerns, says it has a plan to improve Line 5

Lambton County politicians and industry leaders met with Enbridge after concerns were raised about the safety of Line 5. Photo via Facebook

St. Clair Township Mayor Steve Arnold says his concerns about Enbridge’s Line 5 from Mackinac Island have been eased.
Arnold was one of the Lambton County politicians invited by Enbridge to a meeting July 22 to explain some of the issues facing the company as it deals with an aging underwater pipeline.
Recently, environmentalists in the United States and the mayor of Mackinac Island voiced concerns about the line which transfers crude oil into Sarnia’s plants. They are worried the aging pipeline could rupture or be hit by a ships anchor and break causing an environmental nightmare.
And there is concern there are not enough supports holding the pipeline since building standards have changed in the 60 years it has been pumping oil to Sarnia and beyond.
The Great Lakes Cities Initiative also voiced worries about the issue, asking Enbridge to clarify what is being done. Arnold says the company explained to local politicians, labour leaders and members of the Sarnia Lambton Industrial Alliance that the company has a plan to increase the number of supports for the pipeline. That plan still has to be approved by US officials.
They also outlined to the politicians how they can shut off the pipeline in a matter of nine minutes, limiting the environmental damage should a spill occur.
“I was very pleased to hear a lot of those things,” says Arnold who noted the pipeline is critical to local industry.
And while Arnold raised his concerns in public, Enbridge offered its explanation to the invited guests and did not invite local media.
Arnold is hopeful the company will still come to Lambton County Council in the future to ease any concerns.