Roundabout a possibility for Churchill and Mandaumin


Lambton County’s public works general manager says a roundabout traffic circle may be one way to cut down on the accidents at the corner of Churchill and Mandaumin.
Several people have died this year at the intersection and county councillors had asked for a report on any deficiencies in the roadway that might be causing the crashes.
Jason Cole has been working on a report on the corner, but admits his investigation is stalled because the Ministry of Transportation has a very long, complicated process for obtaining accident reports.
County government used to get the data on a regular basis however now there are a number of levels of security checks to get through before the information is relayed.
Cole says he’s still waiting for that data adding he doesn’t want to present a report to anxious councillors without it saying it would not be as useful.
St. Clair Township Mayor Steve Arnold pointed out there are a number of roundabouts near St. Mary’s on corners with a history of accidents. He asked if that would be a possibility at Churchill and Mandaumin.
“It would not be unreasonable at that corner,” Cole said adding the county would look at it as an option.