Realtor says mayor in conflict for selling town employees homes

Heather Wright Photo

Petrolia realtor Bob Leaper says Mayor John McCharles is in violating the town’s Code of Conduct when selling the homes of town employees.
After the resignation of CAO Manny Baron, Leaper and two other local developers came to council saying developers McCharles works for receive preferential treatment.
Monday, Leaper told council he feels the mayor is in contravention of the town’s Code of Conduct which says members of council should “act with integrity and avoid the improper use of the influence of their office” and should not accept fees or benefits connected “directly or indirectly” with their official duties because he sold homes to at least two of the town’s CAOs.
Leaper added a Code of Conduct investigation should be launched into the practice.
The Independent asked McCharles to comment on Leapers assertions and he declined saying doing so would put him in a conflict of interest.