Purdy wants senior management roles reviewed


Petrolia Councillor Grant Purdy says there should be a review of the roles of senior management.
Purdy made the comment in the wake of council’s decision to contract the YMCA to manage the Oil Heritage District Community Center and to hire a full-time employee to be both the fire chief and provide protection services for the town.
“Because of all the recent changes including at The Centre and the full-time (position including) fire chief – which were quite significant – the only logical thing would be to reevaluate the senior management structure,” says Purdy.
“We need to look at our current model and (administrators) responsibilities and then follow wherever that may lead, whether that would be a realignment…I don’t want to speculate.
“We have to look at our overall management structure.”
Purdy hopes the new CAO will take on the responsibility. It’s not clear when that position will be filled.


  1. It is about time someone is coming to their senses,way to much water has passed under the bridge and will soon not be able to get it back, town officials have been wasting time and money on just about everything taking place way to long and it needs to come to an end , people to need to be accountable for their actions

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