High Park needs more time to plan expansion

Plants inside High Park Farms. It closed in Sept. 2021.

High Park Farms says it needs more time to plan an expansion at its Enniskillen Township cannabis greenhouse.
The company was slated to go to township council for a zoning hearing May 7, but notified the clerk just before the hearing it was not ready to proceed.
The Lasalle Line greenhouse sits on agricultural land. Under that zoning, up to 20 per cent of the land can be covered with buildings. High Park will reach the 20 per cent once it completes four acres of greenhouses and a new building for a boiler which is already planned. The company wants to be able to cover up to 50 per cent of the 98-acre property. High Park is considering building two more greenhouses with more than double the space of the current 583,000 square foot facility. It also plans 10,000 square feet of extra warehouse space and an additional 185 parking spaces to the north of the existing facility.
Company officials did not give a specific date it would return to council for a zoning hearing.