Brooke-Alvinston looks for a one-year Inwood deal


Brooke-Alvinston council is making another approach to the Inwood Firemens’ Association to use the hall – at least on an interim basis.

The Independent, in error, reported in the Dec. 5 edition, that a deal had been reached in the long-standing dispute. In fact, council re-examined the issue, deciding to request a one-year lease so it could study the future fire needs of the area.

The municipality and the IFA have been at odds for over a year – first after 16 firefighters resigned due to new training rules and then as the lease for the fire hall – which is owned by the association – came up for renewal.

The IFA forwarded a five-year proposal at the same cost as the previous year with a cost of living increase Nov. 19. At a special meeting of council Nov. 25, it was turned down.

At the Nov. 28 meeting Councillors Jamie Armstrong and Wayne Deans made another attempt to have council sign a proposed five-year lease. That too failed.

Council eventually agreed to ask the IFA to provide a one-year lease “for exclusive use of the new bay for $20,0634…while a study is done on the future needs of the equipment needed for Brooke Fire Rescue in order to be cost efficient for the ratepayers.”

Wednesday, the IFA on its Facebook page, said it had not yet received the request from council.

The lease runs out Dec. 31.