Grade 12 students still have time to boost grades for university transcripts


Alex Kurial/Local Journalism Initiative

Lambton-Kent students pursuing post-secondary education still have time to improve their marks for college and university transcripts – a crucial factor in the quest for admission and scholarships.

With schools ordered closed on March 14, any work completed up until March 13 will be the default mark sent off to universities and colleges for consideration, say officials at the Lambton-Kent District School Board. However, eager students will still have the opportunity to increase their grades.

“If students complete additional work between now and the end of April that do increase their mark, and therefore their opportunity at post-secondary, we will send out those improved marks,” director of education John Howitt said at Tuesday’s school board meeting. Howitt also noted that no marks can go below what a student had achieved as of March 13. 

Graduating students will still be expected to obtain a final credit for their courses prior to entering post-secondary school.

Students who have not completed the 40 hours of community service or literacy test requirements will not be prevented from graduating.

Similar standards will apply to final marks for non-graduating students; March 13 serving as the baseline for a final grade on the year, with the opportunity to boost the grade through work completed through to the end of the year. Like their graduating counterparts, marks cannot drop below what a student had when schools were closed down.