Oil Springs food bank ready to help families in crisis

Robin Shepherd, Chris Kimble and Ila Kimble stock the shelves of the Oil Springs Food Bank at the Voice of Truth Church.

Ila Kimble and Robin Shepherd are determined to help people in need in Oil Springs, even if it is harder as the nation deals with the novel coronavirus.
Kimble and Shepherd have agreed to run the food bank in Oil Springs.
Kimble’s grandmother-in-law, Lucy Bennett, started the food pantry in the basement of the Voice of Truth Church in Oil Springs in 2010.
Shepherd says Bennett had been active in mission work and “when she could not go to Florida anymore for the winter to help, she helped set up the food bank here.”
But recently, Bennett passed away. Kimble, who is married to Bennett’s grandson, Chris Kimble, and Shepherd decided they could step in to help.
“The food bank is very important to the church and it was very important to Lucy,” says Shepherd.
And it is needed. Three hundred and fifty people a year from Central Lambton come to the church for help.
For the last few weeks, Kimble and Shepherd have been getting to know the people they serve. And they’ve been hearing concerns about what the food bank is doing to stop the spread of COVID-19.
Kimble says they are wearing gloves and sanitizing constantly. And they’re willing to help clients feel comfortable getting what they need.
“We had one client worried bout getting ill…so we left food outside on her step.”
Kimble says they’re doing their best to help since they know with many people being laid off because of the pandemic, more people will need help.
“We are not being extremely strict about what their incomes are; this is a time of crisis.
“We can meet people by appointment and assess them over the phone. I’m not working right now so I have lots of time on my hands,” says Kimble.
As the needs in the community rises, so does the need for food. Kimble and Shepherd say they are always in need of the staples, but right now there is a particular need for frozen foods like vegetables and meat. People can drop those items off when the food bank is open on Monday between 10 am and 1 pm or by calling 226-402-3008.