Petrolia men help clear up vandalism left by Gizmo

Dave Perrin works to remove some of the graffiti plaguing Petrolia in April. Two teens found adding to the art Jan. 5, will have to clean up their own mess.

Two Petrolia men are helping to clean up the mess left behind by vandals.

Crime Stoppers is asking people to keep their eyes open as vandals spray paint GIZMO on buildings in Petrolia

Municipal buildings and privately owned buildings have been being targeted since early this spring. Lambton OPP say the same pattern and design are spray painted all over town on at least 10 buildings.

Crime Stoppers officials say victims of these crimes are stuck with either leaving the unsightly graffiti on the walls or repainting the entire area which can be costly.

In Petrolia, however, a couple of people have stepped up to help. Metal Wurx Media Blasting Owner, Dave Perrin, got to work to take much of the graffiti on town buildings down over the weekend free of charge.

And Jamie Swart cleaned up more of the unwelcome graffiti on Dufferin Avenue.

Crime Stoppers is asking you to keep your eyes open and report what you see at either to submit your tip online or call 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).