Tractor Pull in Wyoming cancelled because of COVID-19 restrictions


Another event has cancelled because of the restrictions around COVID-19.

The organizers of the Plympton-Wyoming Tractor Pull made the announcement this weekend.

“This was not an easy decision but it’s one that was made for a variety of reasons – the main reason being the uncertainty of when the government will begin to allow large gathering events to resume,” says Brad Burnard in a news release.

“Sponsorship is also a large part of what helps our event run and we cannot in good conscience ask businesses for money in these financially stressful times when many of them have been closed.”

Burnard says they have been planning the pull for the past eight months so it is disappointing to cancel, but he says it is best for the community in the long run.

Plympton-Wyoming is not the only tractor pull to cancel its events. Events in Petrolia and Florence have also been cancelled because of concerns about COVID-19. Dresden has also cancelled its event which was scheduled during the Dresden Exhibition in late July. It has also been cancelled.