UPDATED: Three health care workers in COVID-19 unit at Bluewater Health test positive

File Photo Bluewater Health,

Bluewater Health is in the middle of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Three staff members of the staff tested positive for the virus . The first came to light Saturday and the third staff member positive result came in Wednesday. The ministry of health says a hospital with more than two positive cases of COVID-19 is in an outbreak.

Officials say all three cases were the COVID-19 unit helping with the Vision Nursing Home residents. The Vision residents were sent back to the Sarnia home Monday and the unit has now been shut down, says Bluewater Health Communications Chief Julia Oosterman.

The three staff members are isolating at home.

Officials say they are confident they will be able to get the outbreak under control as they have each time COVID-19 has been in the hospital. There have been 15 cases in staff members since the pandemic began.

Oosterman says officials are searching for the source of the virus although she says it was “not a failure” of the use of personal protective equipment.

Oosterman adds members of the COVID-19 unit will all be tested and public health is now working to find out who might have been in contact with the three health care workers.

“I think this is kind of stark reminder that COVID still here,” says Oosterman. “You even see it in your own personal life or even walking people having playdates and people are wearing masks at the grocery store. But you know, we have to remember that COVID is still very much present in our community.”