Petrolia hotel construction expected soon


The developers of a new downtown Petrolia hotel say construction should begin this summer.

Jenna and Joe Gorzeman are behind the Kingswell Hotel, a four storey boutique hotel set to be built down the street from the restaurant the pair operate – Crabby Joe’s.

Work was supposed to have started early this spring, but the restrictions around COVID-19 and some of the permits have held back construction.

“We’re well into the permit process now. We’re waiting to get back the numbers and we’re anxious and excited to start,” Joe Gorzeman told The Independent at the official opening of the family’s recently acquired golf course, Heritage Heights. It’s been renamed Kingswell Glen. He also nixed rumours that the hotel would be moving Kingswell Glen.

“It’s going to be right on the main street…once we get started it is slated to open about a year and a half after that.”