Delayed and staggered start for school in Lambton


First elementary kids back Sept. 10, first high school students back Sept. 14

There will be a few extra days of summer vacation for students in Lambton.

The Lambton Kent District School Board and the St. Clair District Catholic School Boards have just released the start times for the new school year as parents brace themselves for a school year of pandemic protocols.

Officials say senior kindergarten to Grade 8 students will be back in class Thursday Sept. 10. But only half the students will be there the first day. Sept. 11, the other half of the students will go to school for the day. Parents will be notified by the school which day of the week their student will attend to learn all about the new protocols.

Junior Kindergarten students return to school using a staggered approach starting Tues. Sept. 15.

At the secondary level, Grade 9 students are the first back to school on Sept.14. Grade 10 to 12 students will be in class Tues. Sept. 15.

The first day of at home learning will be Sept. 14.

“The staggered entry of students in elementary and secondary schools will provide staff with additional time to become more familiar with school health and safety routines and complete training to support a safe and healthy return to school. The staggered entry will also allow LKDSB and SCCDSB to hire additional staff to lower class sizes in schools and support Learn at Home instruction.

“Additional time is also required to reorganize staff and student schedules to support both in-class and Learn at Home instruction,” say board officials in a joint statement.

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