Weber, Marriott running for warden’s job


Heather Wright
The Independent

Bill Weber wants to serve as the county’s top politician for another two years.
The Lambton County warden made his intentions to run for a third term during Lambton County council Sept. 2.
Normally, candidates for the job announce their intentions at an annual event held by the warden, but it has been cancelled because of concerns around COVID-19.
Enniskillen Mayor, Kevin Marriott, who has served as deputy warden for the last two years, has also announced he’s interested in the warden’s chair also.
Other local politicians who sit on county council could still declare their intentions for the top job until the day of the election.
Should Weber be elected during council’s December meeting, and should he serve the full two-year term he would be the longest serving warden in recent memory.
Former Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Pat Davidson won five one- year terms before becoming a Member of Parliament.