Petrolia flag lowered in honour of Gleeson

Mary Pat Gleeson, seen here in 2017 with then Councillor Liz Welsh, Mayor John McCharles and Lambton County Warden Bill Weber on Canada Day

Gleeson passed away Saturday

The flags at Petrolia’s town hall are flying at half staff today in honour of former councillor Mary Pat Gleeson.

Gleeson passed away Saturday.

In a news release, Chief Administrative Officer, Rick Charlebois, lauded Gleeson for her work on Charlotte’s Task Force, the town’s Wellness and Recreation Committees, the Central Lambton Family Health Team and Petrolia council.

Gleeson had worked as the recreation director for the town before embarking on a career in marketing and communications in the arts industry. She returned to Petrolia and became active in ensuring health care in the community and at local council.

“Ms. Gleeson served our community on three terms of Petrolia council where she was a vocal advocate for all things Petrolia.  Although, her love for Petrolia did not start there, it started a long time before that.  She learned from her parents – other strong advocates for Petrolia; and then developed further when she worked in Parks and Recreation for the Town of Petrolia,” said Charlebois in the statement

“Ms. Gleeson has left us with wisdom, pride in our community, a strong hospital, a thriving health team, doctors to care for us; but most of all, the permission to carry her legacy, and continue her work in her famous phrase of “off you go, then”. “