Read the room: Lambton politicians say no to ending lockdowns

Lambton County Council April 7, 2021

Sarnia City-County Councillor Margaret Bird wanted Lambton County to call on the province to end lockdowns. Lambton politicians overwhelmingly rejected the idea.

Bird told councillors Wednesday – just a few hours before the Premier announced a new, month long stay-at-home order – the lockdowns have not worked as the province continues to register more than 3,000 COVID-19 cases a day.

“I believe we should allow Mother Nature to do what she does best by ending all lockdowns and returning to the land of the living,” she said adding “career politicians haven’t missed a paycheck” and likely don’t understand the damage to businesses..

“No government instruction will stop or change the viruses. If left to their own devices they will move through and dissipate,” Bird suggested.

But Bird’s suggestion to end the restrictions was met with sadness, sympathy and steadfast resolve to continue fighting COVID-19

Sarnia City/County Councillor David Bushy relayed how his son works as a doctor and watches as patients are “dying in their arms.”

“With all due respect, this is not a time for such a motion,” he said.

Lambton Shores Mayor Bill Weber expressed “disappointment” the motion was mad and said it would be selfish to expect the government to end lockdown.

Sarnia City/County Councillor Brian White says there are aspects of the COVID-19 rules which seem unfair and governments have made mistakes, but that was not a reason to get rid of the measures. “If there are gaps in the system let’s address them but ending all restrictions? That’s the suicide and that’s not acceptable to me.”

Oil Springs Mayor Ian Veen would like to see things return to normal and agrees everyone has suffered but says “this is the worst motion that could happen…we have to stay strong, we have to support our medical doctors. We have to continue on and suck it up.”

Warwick Mayor Jackie Rombouts was the only other councillor to support the move during Wednesday’s meeting.