Public health warns businesses to check for vaccine passports


Lambton Public Health is warning business owners to enforce the COVID-19 vaccine passport rules.

Officials say they’ve received complaints from people in the county that restaurants aren’t asking customers for their passport and ID, as is required to sit in a restaurant right now.

“We understand people are tired of these public health measures, but in order to slow the spread ofCOVID-19 and avoid future lockdowns in our community it is imperative we all continue to do our part and stay vigilant,” said Mike Gorgey, Manager of Health Promotion at Lambton Public Health in a news release.

“The months ahead will require sustained observance in order to avoid unnecessary disruption to people’s everyday lives.”

If businesses – primarily restaurants and bars – don’t ask for proof of vaccination, they could be charged under the reopening act and be hit with fines between $750 and $500,000 for most businesses or $10 million for a corporation.