Increased police presence in Lambton as convoy hits the road again

About 40 vehicles are making their way through Lambton today.

There are OPP cruisers posted at the entrances to Highway 402 as protestors who occupied the highway last week formed another convoy Saturday.

The group is in protesting in solidarity with the protesters on Parliament Hill who have been parked on Ottawa streets since Jan. 28. Many want the government to drop all COVID-19 protocols. The organizers of the protest had a stated goal in a Memorandum of Understanding to remove the elected government and replace it with a coalition of the members of Canada Unity, senators and the governor general.

Yesterday, police arrested three of the four main spokespeople from the Ottawa protest.

As a large number of police and protesters continue to confront each other in Ottawa and as Members of Parliament debate whether the Prime Minister has the right to use the Emergency Act to end the protest, about 40 vehicles left from Forest Road in Warwick Township around 10:45 am Saturday to drive to Sarnia and make their way around the city and Lambton County.

There was also a smaller group driving in the area with a military type vehicle and three other pickup trucks.

There was a noticeable increase in police presence in Lambton with cruisers circling the roadways and parked beside the entrances to the highway.