Natural resources confirms Corunna earthquake

From Natural Resources Canada

There was a bit of rocking and rolling in Corunna over the weekend.

Natural Resources Canada confirms there was a small earthquake centered near Corunna Monday just before 8 pm. It registered 2.5 magnitude and was likely about 5 kilometers underground.

The website Volcano Discovery says normally earthquakes below three magnitude are very rarely felt. People only notice if the epicenter is only a few kilometers beneath the surface, people are very close to the epicenter and there isn’t a lot of noise, wind, vibrations or traffic.

People from around Corunna started asking questions about the shaking shortly after it happened. “I thought someone hit my house,” says Yvonne Mackenzie. Paul Beauchamp felt it was “more like a boom.” While Melanie Lewis compared the sound to someone falling out of bed hard.

The earthquake was felt down river in Mooretown as well.