Nearly 7,000 traffic charges laid by OPP over the long weekend


The OPP responded to five road fatalities across the province over the Civic Holiday long weekend. 

The OPP conducted was focused on Ontario’s Move Over Law, laying dozens of charges against drivers who failed to slow down and/or move over for emergency vehicles and tow trucks that had their emergency lights flashing.  

Officers laid more than 4,200 speeding charges and close to 100 stunt/racing charges. There were more than 170 impaired driving offences. Close to 100 distracted driving violations and more than 280 seatbelt offences were among the list of charges. The OPP also issued over 90 driver’s licence suspensions.  

The 6,918 traffic-related charges laid throughout the weekend are the latest reminder of how many careless and dangerous drivers are putting the motoring public at risk.