First Monkeypox case in Lambton

Dr. Sudit Ranade, Lambton's Acting Medical Officer of Health,

Lambton Public Health is reporting the first case of monkeypox in Lambton County.

Public health authorities around the world have been tracking the spread of the virus – normally found in Africa – as it travels through Europe and North America. Public Health Canada reported the first case here May 26.

Lambton Public Health officials say a person in Lambton has been confirmed to have the virus. They “most likely acquired it outside the county.”

The person is at home self-isolating and those in close contact with the patient have been contacted. is not widespread at this time,” said Dr. Sudit Ranade, acting Medical Officer of Health for Lambton.

The spread of monkeypox from person to person can occur through close contact with an infected individual’s bodily fluids or skin lesions. It can also be transmitted when a person comes into contact with contaminated clothing or bedding. At this time, infections in Canada have been limited to spread between intimate partners or between people living in the same

To stop the spread of Monkeypox, which can be very painful with lesions over the body, practicing proper respiratory etiquette, proper hand hygiene, and staying home when you are sick or have skin sores.
It is important to note that monkeypox is most infectious before skin lesions appear.

If you know you have had contact or suspected contact and are feeling unwell, stay home, isolate and call LPH at 519-383-8331 ext 3537 or your healthcare provider.