The doctor will see you now


“I’m the happiest mayor in the world,” said Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper during the grand opening of the Plympton-Wyoming Health and Wellness Centre in Wyoming Sept. 12. Many of the dignitaries who stepped to the podium called a Napper a champion of the project, but Napper says it takes more than just a mayor to run a town. Dr. Ahmed Hijazi and Dr. Paxton Moon, based at the Central Lambton Family Health Team will be seeing patients on Wednesdays at the new health and wellness centre. It is hoped the doctors’ time in Wyoming can be expanded in the future. Public health programs will also be offered at the same location.This process was begun over three years ago with the closing of the Toronto Dominion Bank branch at the Broadway Street location. The bank would donate the building to the Town of Plympton-Wyoming. The Rural Lambton COVID-19 Testing Centre moved from Petrolia to Wyoming in 2020.