$38 million in new construction in Plympton-Wyoming in 2022


$38 million – that’s the value of the new homes and businesses in Plympton-Wyoming in 2022.

That from Tracy Pringle from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. She told council the town now has 5,459 properties with about 58 per cent of them homes and 36 per cent farmland. The rest is commercial and industrial.
Pringle says there is about $2 billion worth of property in the municipality.
The rest of Ontario also saw a 2022 growth spurt with 45,000 homes built generating $37 billion in municipal taxes.

MPAC hasn’t reassessed the value of homes since 2016. One was planned in 2020, but was delayed because of the pandemic. Pringle says she has no “inside” knowledge on when the province move ahead suggesting word may come during the provincial budget this spring.