Gazing into Petrolia’s future with survey


Petrolia wants residents to look into their crystal ball.

The town is working on a strategic plan for 2023-2028 and it is asking residents to answer some questions about what they think the town’s goals should be. The survey will be shaped into a plan which the council will use “to guide decision making.”

The survey asks how people see Petrolia in the next five years and what they would like to see change. It also asks what people like most about their hometown.

Kate Graham of Colliers Project Leaders is helping to the town to develop the plan.

“The resident feedback is incredibly important to the process as the plan impacts them directly, and we want something that is the very best direction for Petrolia for the next four years.”

The town’s CAO says its also a good time to revisit the vision of Petrolia.

A print copy of the survey is available at town hall and links for the electronic versions can be found at