Stats Can setting up temporary shop in Florence


Dawn-Euphemia will play host to a mobile examination centre for Statistics Canada.

Statistics Canada is setting up a mobile examination centre for Canadian Health Measures Survey at the Florence Community Centre starting Feb. 5.

In a letter to council, Jessica Schurm, Advanced Arrangements Officer, wrote the health measures survey has been collecting data since 2007 in 96 cities across the country.

“Through fitness tests, measurements of height, weight, and blood pressure, as well as analysis of blood and urine specimens, Statistics Canada is producing health indicators which are important tools for Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

To collect the required data, Statistics Canada brings along its own mobile centre and parks it at a collection site where people come to participate in the survey, Schurm wrote.

“The mobile centre requires utilities and services for the safe and successful collection of its data while on site.”

The mobile examination centre is three trailers, parked together and connected by corridors creating a single clinic.

Council approved the use of the community centre for the data collection point for the Stats Can survey.