Cyclists, family look for truck which hit a Wyoming man

Allan Ross

Cyclists, friends and relatives are hoping someone knows something about a Chevy pickup truck which struck a Wyoming man.

Allan Ross was cycling along Lakeshore Road near Mandaumin Friday between 7:30 pm and 9 pm when he was struck by a pickup truck. Ross, according to social media posts from family and cycling friends, was wearing a helmet but still suffered severe injuries including a broken pelvis, back injuries, and bruised kidneys among other things.

A photo of Allan Ross’ bike after the crash shared on social media by his brother.

Ross needed surgery to repair some of the damage and is recovering in hospital in London.

Family and friends are looking for a white Chevy truck with front end damage. They say the Chevy bow tie emblem and a piece of the grill was left at the scene.

Friends and family say a Chevy pickup similar to this one, may have front-end damage and be missing the Chevy emblem and some of the grill after the accident.

Ross had just completed the Great Cycle Challenge to fight children’s cancer. In a social media post, Ross told friends he biked 604 km in the challenge raising $1,000.

Cycling had become part of Ross’ fitness routine en route to loosing 100 pounds since January.

In the Sarnia Cycling Group page, Ross told one person asking about why people would cycle such long distances that he loved to “challenge” himself. “It really is a therapeutic meditation.”

Lambton OPP have said little about the accident. A day after the accident, OPP issued an advisory on social media asking anyone who may have seen a hit and runon Lakeshore – without mentioning the details of the collision – to contact them.