Plympton-Wyoming looking for battery storage info tonight

The red marker is 4703 Churchill Line. It was the proposed site of a battery storage site in Enniskillen Township.

Blake Ellis/Local Journalism Initiative

It would not be surprising to see Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Gary Atkinson attending an Enniskillen Township council meeting on Sept. 18 to see Compass Energy Consulting makes its presentation about a proposed battery storage facility on Churchill Line.

Atkinson has a great interest in the proposed project, as Churchill Line is the boundary between Enniskillen and Plympton-Wyoming. Wyoming residents live within two kilometres of the proposed project.

Compass Energy Consulting hopes to build the battery storage facility at 4703 Churchill Line, which is on the outskirts of Wyoming near Oil Heritage Road.
Wyoming firefighters respond to emergencies along the road for Enniskillen.
“Our fire department could be there before any other department,” said Atkinson.

At this point Plympton-Wyoming’s mayor just wants to get all the facts on the project.

He said until then it is premature to comment on whether he in favour or opposed to the proposed battery storage facility or whether Plympton-Wyoming would pursue negotiating an community benefit agreement with the company, much like Enniskillen would be doing if council gives its support to the project.

Compass Energy Consulting will be holding an open house in October. Compass Energy Consulting President Jonathan Cheszes told Enniskillen Township council on Aug. 21, and officials plan to visit homes in a two kilometre radius of the site Sept. 19 and 20. Atkinson will be attending the open house and will be encouraging members of the Plympton-Wyoming council to do the same.

Atkinson has not had an opportunity to discuss the project with representatives of Compass Energy Consulting and Plympton-Wyoming council has not discussed the matter as of yet.

Residents of Oil City came out to an Enniskillen council meeting to voice their overwhelming opposition to a proposed battery storage facility on Courtright Line, less than one kilometre from the settlement. Most were opposed because they felt it would be too close to Oil City. This led Enniskillen council to not support the project, which killed its chances of moving forward.