Cousins next Petrolia/North Enniskillen fire chief

Deputy Fire Chief Rick Cousins - right - has been named the new chief of the Petrolia/North Enniskillen Fire Department. Pictured with Cousins are Public Education Officer Tim Williams, Deputy Chief Darren Allan, and Jackson Mitchell who won the annual fire safety video contest.

Less than three weeks after Petrolia/North Enniskillen Fire Chief Jay Arns announced his retirement, his replacement has been named.

Deputy Chief Rick Cousins will move into the role at the end of the year.

Cousins has been a firefighter for more than 35 years, and spent 28 years with the Ontario Provincial Police Auxiliary Unit where he was Unit Commander/Staff Seargent for 18 years.

He started as a firefighter in Brigden, then moved to the Petrolia and North Enniskillen department in 1990. He was appointed Captain in 2020, and then Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention in 2022.

“I have always loved the caring and generous nature of this department and I am proud to take on a leadership position to ensure that the team remains strong, well-trained, and ready to assist as needed,” Cousins said in a news release Friday.

Cousins appointment was announced at the fire meeting Thursday night.