Smaller lots, townhomes part of new proposed Petrolia development


Heather Wright/The Independent

The open field across from Petrolia’s landfill may soon be filled with homes.

Petrolia Council will take the first steps in zoning a multi-phased housing proposal by Southside Construction June 24. Its holding a public meeting to change the town’s official plan and zoning regulations on the parcel of land which stretches from Derby Street to the ravine along Oil Heritage Road. The development backs onto the Petrolia Sky Estates subdivision which will include about 70 townhomes.

The scope of Southside’s plan will be laid out at the public meeting, however the notice of the planning meeting gives some hints of how big the development will be.

Southside is asking for zoning changes on part of the land which is already slated for residential development. The company is looking for smaller lot sizes, similar to the size of the recently approved Petrolia Sky Estates. The company is also looking to rezone a portion of the land to permit townhouses. It’s looking for even smaller lot sizes for the townhouses, reducing the front yard depth to six meters, the side yard to 4.5 meters and the back yard to 7.5 meters.

The Southside development will also require changes to the official plan; part of the area is zoned Highway Commercial. That will have to be changed to residential. The developer also wants to have some of the area listed as Major Open Space for a future residential development.


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