Plympton-Wyoming buys Reeces Corners plaza


Plympton-Wyoming is the new owner of the Reeces Corners LCBO plaza.

The municipality has purchased the 18-acre plot at the corner of London Line and Oil Heritage Road for just over $2 million

The property has a commercial plaza and is surrounded by open space/bush land. The town purchased the property to create future economic and development opportunities, and
further grow the local economy by providing increased access to goods, services, and job
opportunities, according to town officials in a news release.

The town’s news release points out the plaza is just off Highway 402, “making it an ideal location to attract investors.”

Adam Sobanski, chief administrative officer of Plympton-Wyoming, says “we’ve been looking for creative ways to draw in investors.” Plympton-Wyoming heard the owner was looking to sell and approached him, then struck a deal.

The town may put more services for residents at the plaza but for now, Sobanski says the LCBO can stay in the plaza “as long as they wish.”

For the last few years, the town talked about building a new public works building in Reeces Corners. Sobanski says there has been some discussion about the property being a good spot for that, however that has not been decided yet.

“We know we need the land in the area and we want to promote economic development opportunities in the area. We want to also possibly use the land for expansion of our public service offerings whether that’s public works or other services,” Sobanski says.

Mayor Gary Atkinson hopes to attract new retailers to the plaza. “We’ve been we’re lacking that and our residents have been sharing those thoughts with us for some time now. And we saw this was an opportunity that we could help push that along.”

On social media, residents also suggested turning some of the grassed area into recreational fields for kids sports.

The purchase of the property will be funded through reserves.