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Welsh says Petrolians are happy and content this election

As Liz Welsh goes door-to-door in Petrolia she’s finding “most people are happy and content.” Welsh, a councillor for the last 12 years, is running for mayor. While the other candidates say people have been talking about the desire for change after the Nov. 2017 resignation of the former CAO under unusual circumstances, Welsh says… Read more »

Maniuk ‘just like every other taxpayer’ in run for Petrolia mayor

Bob Maniuk wants to approach Petrolia government like a taxpayer. Maniuk is one of three people running for the mayor’s position Oct. 22. And he says each of those people come at the position with a different view. One, he says, is “defending the administration that is there now” and the other is talking about… Read more »

Rombouts wants to keep youth and seniors in Warwick

Long before Warwick Mayor Todd Case stepped down, Jackie Rombouts threw her hat into the ring for his job. “I wanted to give people a choice for mayor. It’s been 20 years since we had an election for mayor, so that was really important for me.” Rombouts has served on council for one term and… Read more »