Thirty-six year veteran looking to become deputy mayor of St. Clair


St. Clair Township’s longest serving elected official is hoping voters will trust his record and elect him to the Deputy Mayor’s chair Oct. 22.
“I have no axe to grind,” says Steve Miller, of Port Lambton. “People have the right to have a choice and I’m offering that.”
Miller hasn’t lost an election since 1982, although there were terms where he was acclaimed. He says he decided to run for Deputy Mayor in order to free up a spot for new faces in Ward 2.
When asked if municipal business has changed over the year, Miller says the methods have, but the tried and true concept of spending tax dollars wisely, hasn’t.
Fixing up the Moore Sports Complex is at the top of Miller’s to-do list, adding the facility may have to be shut down if something isn’t done soon.“It should have been addressed sooner.”
While the majority of the other candidates say bringing high-speed Internet to St. Clair is a major issue, Miller says its important for sure, but isn’t the main issue.
“We’re trying to help people as much as we can,” he says, but adds the Internet is not a township utility.
“We’ve been working on it for a long time and we keep trying to make it better.”
Active in the Port Lambton sports community — helping organize the annual Gala Days celebration for 40 years, Miller has been retired for 13 years. He understands the concerns of those living on fixed incomes.
Miller has a lot of favourite things about his home but he thinks the main attraction is the lifestyle. “It’s nice and relaxed,” he says. “It’s the place for me.”